A Man Stopped from Commiting Suicide by Strangers

This is one of those posts that news stations don't care about. A post showing human empathy and compassion instead of killing and fear. A group of strangers forcibly saved this mans life from jumping off a bridge to his death. Everything passes with time, if your girlfriend/boyfriend broke up with you, if someone you loved died, if you lost your house or something valuable you will heal from it. Don't take your own life, people care about you whether you think so or not and how you feel today does not dictate how you feel tomorrow.

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    Love Over Death

    This image has really got me this morning 😢💗

    A man wanting to jump off a bridge in London, talked round by absolute strangers who proceeded to hold him for an hour until help arrived to get him down safely. Look at that grip. Look at the care, compassion, selflessness & determination shown by complete strangers to a fellow human being.

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