How Logic Wakes up His Wife on her Birthday

waking up my wife to a string section of our favorite show!

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    Tons of Girls Wish They Were Married To Logic

    Logic was in love with one of his sweet heart but he called off this love life in 2009 to concentrate in music. In 2013, he began his romantic affairs with Jessica Andrea. He dated her as his girlfriend for several years and then in October 2015 they got knotted into the married life. Logic is now aged 26 years old and lives the life of his dreams with his beautiful wife.
    Lots of females out there envy how well he treats Jessica, most rappers are about doing drugs and sleeping with countless women. Logic is one of the realest with love in his heart for life and people around him. It's great to see someone doing it right for their one significant other when he could have any woman he wants!

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