Man Wants To Show Penis In Court To Prove His Innocence

Richard Henry Patterson is claiming that he killed his girlfriend from getting too freaky during oral sex which resulted in her choking on the dong to death. He is obviously a nut and requested to show his penis to the jury as proof. Man even if he is hung like a horse so what? He would of had to hold her head down for a while to actually kill her. Before she would of died, chunks would be spraying all over his chode. I think that is a good enough indicator to stop pumping her face with man meat.

Richard Henry Patterson, 65, is accused of murdering 60-year-old Francisca Marquinez in her bedroom in October 2015.

He says that her death was the result of choking during oral sex.

Patterson, from south coast near Fort Lauderdale, did admit to a friend: "I choked her. I choked Francisca." However his lawyer, Ken Padowitz, pointed out: "He said he choked her. He never said he strangled her."
This Scum bag should just suck it up and spend the rest of his life in jail. You're 65 years old dude a life sentence ain't nothing when your life is already over. Plus you're a legend anyways for going out like this.

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    Girth Daddy

    "My meds are making me crazy and I can't function thank you though." Followed by another that read: "If I need to come to your house I will drive. I need time to think. I did something terrible."

    This is what he texted a friend after the crime, when you are daddy tripod all you should know how much shaft is too much shaft. He did something terrible and smacked her tonsil bag too much.

    Padowitz wrote a motion on May 1 that included the words: "Dr. Ronald Wright, an expert witness and former Broward County medical examiner, will testify that ... her death is consistent with being accidentally sexually asphyxiated during oral sex,

    "It is material and relevant. The view by the jury is essential for them to fully understand Dr. Wright's testimony and the defence in this case."

    DAMN this case sounds like something straight out of a television drama. I just imagine all the forensic nerds examining the body and being like 'It has been determined that the cause of death is D.B.D" (Death By Dong)

    The Medical Examiner in charge of the autopsy says the body did not show any signs of trauma or bruises to her neck. However, her body was in the early stages of decomposition. My man is such a savage he probably pulled up pornhub for a last few good spanks before going to the big house. She had been dead 'for about eight to 24 hours before detectives discovered her on a bed, her body covered by a sheet' reports local paper, Sun Sentinel. He was waxing that magnus for a whole day before the jig was up.

    Patterson had informed his lawyer, Padowitz, of Marquinez's death and his lawyer had contacted police.

    The medical examiner couldn't reach a definitive conclusion regarding the cause and manner of Marquinez's death. A.K.A (D.B.D)

    Apparently, after Marquinez's death Patterson text his daughter saying: "Your dad did something really bad last night and I'm so so sorry."

    He also rang her and said that 'something terrible had happened' and that he 'couldn't go on'.

    According to his arrest warrant, a police-recorded conversation in his friend's car heard him say: "I caused it, I'm gonna go to jail."

    He continued: "How do you think I feel, I'm here and she's six feet under."

    Marquinez's son, Omar Andrade, 41, who lives in New York, said: "It's a desperate man trying a desperate tactic,

    "He's just trying to get off the hook."

    The Mirror reports that if his request to show his penis is allowed, it would be done in private with only the judge, lawyers, a bailiff, the jury and the defendant present.

    Patterson is charged with second-degree murder and jury selection is expected to take place in around a week. Will Girth Daddy get off the hook? Stay tuned for updates!

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