Rechargeable Battery That Lasts 400 Years

Mya Le Thai accidentally created something.
It was a rechargeable battery that could last for 400 years.
Researchers are still testing its sustainability.

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    Mya Le Thai Whippin It Up In The Lab

    Nowadays, it’s always a must to have a smartphone but it’s all the more essential for it to be fully charged all the time, especially with the need to be online most of the time (at least, for some people).

    We often see people arm themselves with portable battery chargers but in a recent report by Elite Readers, a doctoral student from the University of California has allegedly created a battery that could be charged for over 400 years.

    Mya Le Thai was just “playing around in the university’s lab” when the source cited that she came across the “perfect structure” to create such a rechargeable battery.

    Researchers have been experimenting with nanowires to be used in batteries but they found out that the thin, fragile wires would eventually break down after several charging cycles.

    However, Thai did something else – she covered a set of gold nanowires in manganese dioxide and a Plexiglas-like electrolyte gel.

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