Syracuse 9 Year Old Breaks Tooth With Fidget Spinner

Most nine-year olds like Alexa Sleight are following trends they see online and from their friends. Alexa is obsessed with her fidget spinner just like every elementary school student in the country right now.

The gadget has become extremely popular fast through viral media and word of mouth. It's meant to help students with disabilities concentrate in class, but all types of kids are using them.

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    Poor Little Alexa

    "A lot of kids just put them on their desk," Sleight said. "The teachers don't really notice them."


    With that description, the spinner seems harmless. At least that's what Alexa's mother Michelle thought.

    While driving with Alexa in the car recently, the fourth grader chipped her tooth on the toy.

    "All of the sudden I hear my daughter just scream out "My tooth!"," Michelle said. "I turn around and I'm like "What happened?". She said the fidget spinner hit her in the mouth. And she hands me a portion of her tooth."

    The toy that Michelle bought for her daughter for five dollars has now caused over $2,000 dollars in tooth damage.

    Alexa will have to see an Endodontist and have a root canal. Her mother hopes more parents will see their story and prevent a similar accident from happening.

    "Be cautious and aware," Michelle said. "This could happen. This has happened."


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