Teen Vogue Under Fire For Tutorial On How To Have Anal Sex

Maybe save the tutorials for adults?

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    Hey Kids! Do You Want To Get Fucked In The Butt?

    "This is anal 101, for teens, beginners, and all inquisitive folks." Teen Vogue's "Anal Sex: What You Need to Know," According to Teen Vogue, young girls out here should know getting a meat hammer slammed in their pooper is more acceptable today then supporting Donald Trump.
    This is how the editors at Teen Vogue entice the idea of anal sex on the mind's of the youth, "The anus is full of nerve endings that, for some, feel awesome when stimulated. The opening of the butthole is where the the most nerves are, so you don’t have to put anything that far up there (if you don’t want to) for it to feel good."
    They fail to mention that anal sex is the number one way HIV is spread. This type of content doesn't surprise me in the least coming from Vogue. Their agenda and content is full of pedophilia, one day your daughter is a high school freshman reading Teen Vogue and the next day shes a full on heroin addict taking dick in the ass for another shot of dope. I mean come on, this age group that is targeted should be thinking about what they want to go for college for, worrying about homework and extracurricular activities. Not how to properly get a pink sock.
    Shame on you Teen Vogue, don't encourage young children to sodomize each other just because you editor's wake up every morning and get sodomized by your boss to keep your job.

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