The Oldest Couple Married For 80 Years

Mohamamad is 110. His wife, Ashraf, 100. They have been married for 80 years. Now a days it's a miracle if a marriage lasts 80 weeks.

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    Find Bae That Stays With You 80 Years

    Ashraf is 100 and Mohammed is about to turn 110.

    In this hyper-accelerated era of interconnectivity — where access is infinite and love is a “right swipe” away — how does the world look if you’ve been around for a century? What kind of wisdom do you have on tap?

    100 and Counting is a wry and hilarious look at a couple of centenarians who are still full of life, with character and attitude to spare!

    Ashraf Mohyeddin passed away in December 2016, her husband at her side.

    It's a weird concept to think of being with someone literally for your whole life. With infinite amount of people easily accessible online via apps like Tinder and Bumble for dating, it's such a distant and foreign concept of love being forever in the new generations.
    It's cool to see love like this still exist from a past many years gone.

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